Create a New Campaign

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Create a New Campaign in a Few Easy Steps:

1 ) Login and click on the Create New Campaign Button

2 ) Fill in your campaign details and click Create

     **** DUKKY RESELLERS | If you are a Dukky Reseller, you will be asked to place your campaign under one of your Companies! If you have not already created a new Company, click cancel, and select your name in the top right and click Add Company/User. Then you can return in a few more steps to create a campaign for that company.

3 ) Once you campaign has been created, you will be taken to the Settings Page. 

     Fill in the final details - you campaign domain and dates or you can return later if you don't have those details and start designing your site by clicking the Design tab in the top right. 


See our details on how to design a promotional site in Dukky 2.0 Here!

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