What is a microsite?

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According to Wikipedia, a microsite is an Internet web design term referring to an individual web page or a small cluster (around 1 to 7) of pages which are meant to function as an auxiliary supplement to a primary website. The microsite's main landing page most likely has its own domain name or subdomain.

At Dukky, we like to keep it simple. A Dukky microsite is built using our campaign builder. It is a four page web-based site that leads users through a step-by-step process to activate or participate in the offer at hand. This four step process includes data gathering, gaining customer insight, giving users the opportunity to share the offer on various social networks and pushing them towards final redemption.

To break it down, there are four pages the Form Page- Poll Page- Share Page- Complete Page. Both the Poll and Share pages are optional and can be removed from your user experience (although we don't recommend it). If you are considering removing either page from your site, we recommend chatting with on our support team members first. 


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