Why using PURLS helps increase response in direct mail campaigns

Dukky Support Guru -

If you're going to spend money on a direct mail campaign - why not put your best foot forward? Using PURLS is proven way to drive in a larger number of initial responders from your direct mail piece. People like seeing their name and in the rush of sifting through their mail after work, anything that helps your piece standout is worth doing. It's important to remember that your Dukky campaign isn't going to drive in more traffic from your direct mail piece, we are going to tell you how many people came in from it. BUT if you can try and maximize the initial audience of responders, you will then be able to work with a larger group who will hopefully share the offer with their friends- generating a great overall level of engagement.

If it's not in your budget or strategy to use PURLS for your direct mail piece, no worries, you can also just print your general domain url onto the piece or use our static direct mail source link (Example: www.dukkyathletics.com/mail) on your piece to track how many people are coming in from your direct mail piece. You can find the static direct mail link for your site in the campaign manager under the Campaign Tab and then Show Networks button.

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