Why should I use Dukky?

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There are a lot of reasons companies of all sizes are using Dukky campaigns to boost their marketing. The list is quite extensive but here are a few of our top reasons why Super Dukky is the perfect fit for your marketing team.


    1. Having a super hero on your marketing team is an instant way to make your business or agency cooler. That’s a fact.
    2. Simple & Fast: It’s not rocket science, therefore it shouldn’t take long to build out and launch a campaign. Our campaign manager allows you to quickly and easily build out your microsite. You can access our how-to-guides, best practices and case studies to ensure (even if this is your first time) your campaign goes off without a hitch. You’ve got nothing to worry about.
    3. It’s cost effective. What if, for just a few extra bucks, you could double your response in a campaign? When you see the results, you'll agree - it’s a no-brainer . This add-on goes a long way when it comes to getting results. All at a low cost to you.
    4. Word-of-mouth marketing comes to life in Dukky campaigns. Let your customers do the marketing for you. Peer recommendations? Yes, please.
    5. Watch and track your campaign response, numbers, and customer activity on Dukky’s Analytics Dashboard. Export leads and customer insight at any time during the life of the campaign to follow-up with new leads.


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