How do you control viral sharing? Can you limit responses?

Dukky Support Guru -

The viral nature of Dukky campaigns means that your campaign is not only going to reach your initial targeted audience but now has the potential to reach your audience's peer groups as well. Because of the sharing element that is a part of all campaigns you are not going to be able to control sharing but you are able to predetermine how many data entries* you want to pay for on the front end, in essence allowing you to limit sharing.

If you want to set a predetermined number of data entries before launching your campaign, please speak with one of our sales agents before launching your campaign and we'll be able to assist.

*An entry is defined as the act of data capture. A user responding to a marketing outreach or a peer’s recommendation is not counted if they just click on the link provided. The user becomes an entry when they fill out the form on the first page of your campaign site and move to the next page. This means even if your site is exposed to a mass audience only those who are interested and give over their information will be included in the entry count.

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