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Let me introduce you to a Dukky client who has perfected their marketing recipe and is, time and time again, reaping the indulgent benefits with a little help from Dukky. Stine Lumber, a home improvement store with multiple locations across Louisiana, added Dukky to their marketing recipe just over a year ago. Since then they have run consistent campaigns alternating sweepstakes/giveaway promotions and coupon/discount promotions. They have seen increase across the board in customer engagement, database growth and sales. 

One of my favorite things about Stine is their recipe. Before adding Dukky to the mix, they were already using television, radio, billboard ads, in store signage, email, social media post and a sale ad circular. They had a great recipe, but didn’t know which channels were driving the most response and was that response resulting in quality leads and sales. Sound like a familiar dilemma?

They needed a new addition to their team, so they could see what was working and a new approach to maximizing the impact of these marketing channels. By adding Dukky in as their secret sauce, Stine began to learn a long list of new information about their strategy and customer database. Here are a few discoveries they made this past year.

What marketing channels are the most effective.
In each campaign they poll customers to see what marketing channel they responded from. Knowing where customers are responding from allows them to measure ROI for each channel and make sure they are investing their dollars in the most effective places.

Who are their customers
Their initial database was full of emails only. No names or customer data to get to know their biggest fans. Not anymore though. Their database is now full of a wealth of information including customer name, email, age, zipcode, mobile number, product preferences, marketing channel preferences, social network activity (do they share offers with friends and do their friends respond to the offers shared) and other customer insight from poll questions included in all campaigns. Seriously, can it get any better than that?

Target Marketing
The amount of data and insight flowing in is enough to send any marketer into their very own data heaven. Stine’s customer age range is men and women ages 50 to 60. They respond primarily from television and direct mail. Younger age groups are less responsive to television and more responsive to email, social media post and other online ads. Knowing their customer preferences allows them to target age groups based on where they know they will respond. So when they wanted to ad more customers in the age range 20 to 30, they ran a campaign with a football giveaway package last Fall and heavily marketed online through social media post, college blog post, email and other digital ads to capture their younger customers. It worked flawlessly and their database filled with a new younger group.

Cross Channel Customers
Since their Dukky promotion site serves as the portal all customers are funneled through they are able to keep their message simple and consistent. Customers coming in from all channels are encouraged to check out their website or like their Facebook page. A customer responding from a television ad and participates will be added to their email list and can like their Facebook page all in one quick minute. Current and new customers are able to get connected to multiple channels to stay connected long after that promotion has ended.

The secret sauce
Stine took their multi-channel channel strategy and added Dukky to see if their recipe was as good as they thought it was. The results have been better than we all expected. They have measured the success of their marketing channels, identified, engaged and grown their customer database, and seen an increase in sales in each campaign. By alternating sweepstakes and discount promotions, they are constantly engaging with customers.

Is your marketing recipe working? Are you able to track and measure your ROI for various channels? Do you know your customers? Are you trying to add your email list to your facebook page? There are lots of ingredients that add up to successful campaigns and we’ve had alot of fun seeing Stine perfect their recipe and indulge in continuous success. That’s what it’s all about anyways. When your client wins, you win.

Before you head off to enjoy your weekend (and hopefully indulge in your local cuisine like us), examine your recipe. Is it working? Is it reliant on a single channel or are you ready to take things to a new level, reach a new audience and watch your secret sauce tell a story you didn’t know was already there?

What can you learn from Stine’s recipe to tweak and perfect your next campaign?

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