How to Leverage Landing Pages to Increase Sales

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In another post, Why Landing Pages over a Website, we looked at the reasons why you should use landing pages instead of directing your traffic to your company website. In this post, let’s take a look at the  ”how,” with some easy, actionable tips that will help you leverage your landing pages to increase sales.

‘Tis a Gift to Be Simple…

Your landing page should have one goal, and one goal only: convince your visitors to convert. So, keep it simple. Anything, whether it’s content or visual elements, that distracts your visitor from that goal needs to be pruned ruthlessly.

To create a tightly focused landing page, get the messaging nailed down first. Remember, more words are not necessarily better. Create a simple, persuasive call to action that makes it crystal clear why your customer should redeem your offer. Everything else on the landing page should support the call to action, not detract from it.

Keep It Consistent

Establishing trust is a crucial first step toward convincing customers to follow through and act on your offer. Consistent design and messaging will reassure them that they are at the at right place and that you aren’t trying to trick them.

That means that the text in the ad that brought your visitors to the landing page needs to be reflected on the landing page itself. The headline, call to action and offer should all match. If it doesn’t, warning bells go off and conversions go down.

The design of the page and the imagery used should also be consistent with the original ad, and it should remain consistent across each page of the microsite.

Design for Conversion

Your landing page design should support your call to action. People are visual creatures- include attractive images that will inspire them to redeem your offer, like that mouthwatering burger in the Wendy’s landing page above.

Also, use visual elements to direct your visitor’s eyes to your call to action. As with text, less is more here. Use blank space to surround and set off the elements you want your visitor to focus on, as Stine does below. Don’t let the page become cluttered or busy.

 Make it Shareable 

Finally, use social sharing buttons to encourage your customers to share your offer with their friends and families. This exponentially increases the amount of exposure your campaign will receive, so you get more leads, more new customers and ultimately, more sales!

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