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Once you're finished creating your site, it's time for you to start planning your strategy to drive customers to your campaign. There is really no limit to how you promote your URL to drive more customers into your campaign. A few of our favorite ideas are below. Be creative and spread the word at your place of business and through your customers.

Add your Campaign URL to:

  • A postcard with your URL to current customers
  • An email to current customers
  • Your store signs inside and outside directing customers to go to the URL for special savings
  • Inserts or flyers that you pass out in-store, with receipts, or in bags
  • Have a website? Add a link to the site on your homepage
  • Feeling digital? You could even get a Facebook ad, web-based ad, or pay-per-click ad directing customers into your campaign site

The most successful campaigns are the ones that take full advantage of each campaign's opportunity to reach customers. Promoting your Campaign URL beyond just an email or direct mail outreach means reaching your maximum potential. Most campaigns running in our system have a multi-channel approach.

Example: Send a direct mail piece, post an add on your business facebook and twitter page, place an ad on your website and follow up with an email mid campaign.

Dukky's provides Sourcelinks for tracking all the various channels used in your marketing campaign. There is no need to market your site and just hope each channel works, you can now track response and conversion from each unique link.

Take a look at the Sourcelinks available below in all campaigns!


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