How do I use my social networks to take my campaign viral?

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To share your microsite on your company social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, articles, etc.) you have two options:

  1. Post your campaign URL (Example: on any of your social sites. Post the link on Facebook as a status and Tweet out the link regularly to your customers on Twitter.
  2. Use one of our source links that are listed in the Campaign Manager under the Campaign Tab to track all responses in the analytics from the outbound marketing of your promotion. For example: For your facebook post you would use the link when you post on your business Facebook page. You post and we'll start counting and tracking the responses!2012-07-06_1030_zendesk.png
  3. Don't forget- your offer and share incentive play a viral role in motivating your customers to share the offer with friends. Make sure you include an incentive for your customers to share!
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