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If you are getting ready to use the Campaign Manager and you are unsure where to start, this handy checklist will help.

First, be aware that the Campaign Manager is full of useful tool tips (hint: click on the question marks!) and our Support Center is loaded with helpful information. If you get stuck, go there first, if you're still stuck... create a ticket. We're here to help!

1. Your Images

To create your custom microsite you should have your images prepared for upload. You only need one image - which can be a stock image you purchase or own, an image you already own related to your business or a custom design. The cover image should be 800 x 500 pixels (jpg or png). No Templates are needed! 

2. Your Content

Remember, when writing your content to prioritize what you want to get across. What is your Call To Action the customer is going to respond to? Why are they entering or participating? The content can be edited in the Design Section under the Content Tab. This can be edited at any time directly on the page.  

Keep your content simple and direct. Don't forget your questions!

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3. Your Domain

A unique domain is needed for your Dukky promotional site. This needs to be separate from your actual company website. It should focus on the promotion only. (Ex. YourGreatGiveaway.com, MyGreatOffer.com) You will need to point the A-Record of your domain to Dukky's servers. Don't Worry! You do not need to have a domain chosen when first creating a campaign in the Dukky Campaign Manager. Just be sure to include one before your campaign goes live.

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4. A Great Marketing Plan!

Once you've launched your site, you'll need to get it out there. Having a great plan in place to get your microsite out to the public will ensure a successful campaign.

Check out our Top Ten List For Marketing Your Campaign!


That's it! That's all you need to build a Dukky promotional site and to create a great campaign.

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