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The major component of properly using the Dukky platform is a well developed microsite.

The biggest difference between a microsite and a parent site is its ability to focus on one topic or call-to-action. In addition to adding value to existing brands, these microsites can can target new customers, leads and niche markets to increase click-thrus and obtain valuable data without ever having to update your original website.

With the Dukky Platform creating a unique microsite is simple. You can quickly create and launch a promotional site to engage with users across all mediums. This allows you to collect valuable customer date, asks basic questions, incorporates Dukky Viral Peer Sharing and links directly to your parent site, shopping cart or a printable offer - all within our system. Our Check-In App [Read about our New Check-in App Here] is activated for each site when you select the QR code for your promotional coupon/offer. 

Below are a few best practices in design and messaging on a micro-site:

  • Consistent Branding/Messaging – There is a lot of misleading information on the Web. To create trust with the consumer, be sure to match your microsite's branding with the company or client's current branding and marketing. Color schemes, logo size and placement, font style and image style should all be consistent with the client's current marketing campaigns and existing parent site. Your site should also have a seamless transition from your original source document (ex. Direct Mail, Email, Pay-per-Click, etc.), to your initial landing page. The headline, call-to-action, offer and imagery should all be the same, or very similar to what caught the consumers eye to draw them there in the first place. People want to be comfortable giving away their information. They want to be sure they are in the right place and signing up for exactly what they are intending to. Keeping your brand and messaging consistent will help improve click-thru and redemption rates.


  • Stay Focused – The idea of a microsite is to promote ONE offer or incentive. Focus on this. Keep it simple. Your main goal is to quickly and clearly communicate the benefit of your offer and the call-to-action. Your design should focus on the offer and incentive to share. Don’t fight yourself. Place the messaging first, then design around it. In this case your imagery and taglines support the call-to-action, not the other way around. Avoid additional links, navigation, visual clutter or additional ways to redeem the offer. You want your customer to covert through this microsite. Don’t give them the opportunity to go elsewhere, until you want them to. 


  • Placement – Place important elements first. People tend to scan information; you don’t want your main call-to-action at the bottom of the page. Dukky incorporates a form, questions, social icons and buttons on each page of your microsite. When designing your cover image be sure to make your images pleasing to the eye, with room to quickly scan the page and catch each valuable piece of information in just a glance.  If your type is too large or your message is too wordy, you will quickly lose your audience.
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