Do surveys really work for marketing?

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A lot of research and psychology went into the creation of the Dukky User Experience. Each page of the microsite was carefully researched and decided upon, including the poll/survey page. The goal of an interactive marketing campaign is to open the lines of communication to activate, engage and motivate participants. The poll/survey feature provides the opportunity to have a dialogue with a customer and hear their thoughts, opinions and interests in your brand and your product/services.

The concern we often hear is, "Will the additional step deter customers from continuing?".  Although this sounds like a logical thought process, we've found it's actually just the opposite. The sheer acts of engaging and requiring information from your customers actually increases the perceived value of the offer at hand, and thus their desire to take part in your promotion is increased as well.   Because something was being required of them in order to receive an offer participants are more likely to go through the site completely.

If for your campaign you are positive you do not want to use the Survey/Poll feature, you can simply disable the page in the Campaign Manager and it will be removed from your campaign process.

Want more proof? You can read the full Psychology of Dukky by downloading the attachment below.

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