Why isn't my image showing up?

Dukky Support Guru -

So your image isn't showing? Check these things first! 

1. Is there a space in your file name? The system will have errors if a space or special character is included in your image file name. 

2. Is your image name too long? If your image label or file name is longer than 15 characters the system maybe reading it improperly. 

3. Is it a unique file name? When you upload an image it needs to have a unique name for EVERY time you upload. Our system does not overwrite files as a precaution. If you already uploaded once, you need to rename it so the system doesn't read the old file! (Ex. mainimage.png will need to be mainimage2.png if you already uploaded)

4. Is your file saved properly? The file should be either a .jpg or .png and should be saved for web devices.

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