How to point the A-record for your campaign's domain

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If you choose to purchase a unique domain for your campaign rather than use the Dukky subdomain then you'll have to point the A-record for that domain. Here's a step-by-step on how to accomplish this.

At this point you should have already created an account on a domain registrar (ex.,, etc.). The guide below is for It's a very popular choice and the wording is similar on most platforms. If you need support for a specific service, please contact them directly and have our server number handy (

Step 1. - Log-in to your account

Step 2. - Click My Account



Step 3. - Click View All in Domain Manager


Step 4. - Click on the actual domain you would like to change. This will open the DNS Manager. 


Step 5. DNS Manager - Click on Launch




Step 6 - Change the A Record. Click on the A (Host) row. The pencil icon will appear. Click the icon to edit.




Step 7.  Change the Points to IP AddressFieldto our IP address:




Step 8. Click out of the @ Host Box. Click Save Zone File


You’re Done! No other information needs to - or should be - changed.
Your microsite should redirect to until the domain is entered into your specific campaign.


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