Is it possible to ask for too much information in the customer form?

Dukky Support Guru -

Great question. We've heard this a few times before.

When determining how much information to ask in your form, you need to consider a few things. Asking too much information from customers can cause them to lose interest in your promotion, but you also don't want to pass up a great opportunity to engage your customers.

Consider this:

  • What is the minimum customer information needed to effectively follow-up? If you don't need phone numbers, don't ask for them.
  • How do you want to reach customers in future marketing efforts? Let this determine what kind of contact information you gather.
  • If you have a small offer/incentive then asking for a lot of customer information is going to cause a larger drop off from those filling out their information. Make sure your offer/incentive is in line with what you are trying to obtain from the customer.
  • Know your customers. Some clients ask for all the information available because they know their customer database and know their level of engagement with their outreaches. If you customers are not giving up their info in other campaigns, you may want to keep it simple in your first few campaigns in regards to their personal info.
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