How to Prepare/Upload a List for Purls

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Uploading a list into the system is easy.

Making sure your list is formatted properly for upload to ensure you won't receive any errors during the uploading process. Some basic tips are listed below:


  1. All files must be saved as a .csv file. If you using Excel on a Mac, then save your file as a Windows CSV file. 
  2. All files must contain a header row. (Ex. First Name, Last Name, Email Address)
  3. To create a PURL all that is needed is a First Name and Last Name field. You can upload full address information, email address and a unique variable as well, but none of that is needed. 
  4. First Name and Last Name fields must be separated into two separate columns for the mapping process.
  5. Be sure there are no spaces or special characters in your file name - this can cause errors when uploading.
  6. Your file name cannot be longer than 10-15 characters.
  7. Do not use blank first name fields. This will cause the file to stop downloading once it hits the blank field. If you know your list will have missing first names, creating a sequence number in your first column (in front of the First Name column) and this will resolve the error.
  8. Numbers of PURLs - Dukky's system can handle a 15 MB file or smaller for general upload. If your file is larger than 15MB, please contact Dukky or create a ticket so we can help with your upload process.
  9. Duplicate names will be handled by appending numbers behind the PURLs so you do not need to worry about duplicate names in our system.



Following these 10 simple tips should ensure that your file is properly saved and ready for upload into the Dukky system. If you have any questions please contact us, or create a ticket.



Files With Header Rows Included



How to Upload My File

Step 1)

Go to the Recipients Tab in the Campaign Manager



Step 2)

Click > Upload New


Step 3)

Map your Header Fields


Depending on the information your list contains your mapping fields may be as few as "First Name", "Last Name" or it can include full address information, email addresses, or other identifying information. Your mapping should match the information provided in your header row.


Step 4)

Select > Update and Upload CSV


If your list has more than 100 records, the system will queue your request and send you an email when your upload is complete. (Your email needs to be included in your administration profile). DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNTIL YOUR UPLOAD IS COMPLETE. If you download midway through an upload it will stop the upload completely.


Step 5)

Download Your List


Once your list is fully uploaded, you can download your file. It will download as a .csv with the same name with which you uploaded it. Your PURLs and an 8 digit activation code will be added to your list.

*** FAQ: What if I don't have a download button? If you don't have a download button your permission settings may be off in the Administration section. If you do not have Administration access, please contact your Campaign Manager Administrator to download your file or to give you access. If you do have Admin access, edit your name, ensure "Export User (Control Center)" is clicked and click > Update Person. If this was already checked, Update Person to reset your permissions.


Your downloaded file should appear with the information you uploaded and your domain and PURLs included.


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