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Inside the design center, there are four main tabs you will navigate to create your new site. 



The theme tab is where you edit the colors of your promotional site and upload your cover and background information. For image size specifications see HERE



The content tab allows you to edit all of your site content directly from the page. Simply click inside each text box to edit information. You can edit information in the header, headlines, body text, steps section, and button text. 

Edit The Customer Steps

Example: To edit the Form, click Form. Edit or Add Fields, Click Save and the select another option to edit the Poll, Share, or Confirm page.  


Confirm Page Options | 

On the confirm step, the customer can now access a print coupon (download coming soon!!) to redeem in store. The QR code is unique to their record and can be scanned through the Dukky Check In App to avoid duplicate entries. 

Input the Offer Expiration Code if the coupon/offer expires. 

Select Redemption Code Type:

QR Code - this is unique to each customer and can be scanned and tracked to monitor redemptions in store locations.

Barcode (this cannot be scanned)

None - if you don't have an offer, simply select this option to remove it completely.

Website Button - if you want to the customer to be able to click through to another site once getting to the end, input the web address and change the button text.

Edit the Content on the Confirm Page and click Save



Location |

On the location tab, you can start typing in the business name. It will pull up the business name based on it's name in Google Listings. Be sure to type it exactly as it is in Google. Select your business and it will populate the information automatically. 

The location option is enabled by default. If you do not want it on your promotional site, simply disable by clicking the check box to remove.

Once you have selected the business, the information populates as seen below.

FOOTER | Legal, Terms, Disclaimers, etc

Select your Disclaimer Type and then input your footer text.

Text - Type or copy and paste in the rules/terms, etc for your promotion. This text will appear directly on the site.

Text and Link - Text and Link allows you to have both text visible and also a link on the site users can click through to read more.

Link - This simply provides a link users can click to read your details. If you are selecting Link as an option, copy and paste the link into the Disclaimer URL field. 


Click Save and your site is ready to go!

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